Skiing with the Enemy

For those interested in learning more about the now infamous non-event on a Whitefish chairlift, here's my reminiscence.

In January of 2013, the fates seated me next to a heavyset, bearded man on a chairlift. I started up small talk . . . 
— Where are you from? 
— Washington, DC. 
I never would have imagined that this conversation, which began so innocuously, would transform into a fixation of an erstwhile neoconservative operative, capture the imagination of many in the national media, launch a local witch hunt, and damage the reputation of a place I call home—Whitefish, Montana. 
So what happened? 
The answer is nothing . . . and everything.

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I truly hope this is the last time I have to write about this incident and this profoundly unpleasant individual.   

Richard B. Spencer

Richard B. Spencer is the Editor of