"Cultural Conservatives"

Paul Gottfried defines a certain type of "cultural conservative" we've all met:

... a tedious eccentric who manifests his “conservatism” by making himself the butt of gentle jokes. Such a person may frequent clubs where tea and crumpets are served or may introduce himself as a liturgical traditionalist with an ostentatious interest in Gothic architecture, but he is, above all, an expert at staying out of controversy that could threaten his career or social calendar.

From the comment thread:

["Cultural conservatives"] are quite common in Traditionalist Catholic circles (or used to be), sadly. The well-meaning young campus conservatives behind publications such as The Dartmouth Review and The Princeton Tory were like this. The journalist David Brooks of the New York Times and his cronies would dress up in old suits at the 'Vile Bodies' parties in Manhattan in the late '80s and affect reactionary views. Under their (Tweed)skin, these people were and are true liberals. They're just playing a role. It's a shape-shifting ruse, if you want to be cynical about it. There's nothing genuinely reactionary or System-threatening about them. As we used to call them: Young Fogey Phoneys and Empty Tweed Suits.

Richard B. Spencer

Richard B. Spencer is the Editor of RadixJournal.com.