An Interview in "Alcove 3"

There's a new podcast on the scene called "Alcove 3" (a reference I appreciated...), which includes long-form interviews with people of various alterantive political persuaions. I was happy to be the show's first guest. I had the chance to talk about my personal journey, as well as the state of the alt Right, the Trump phenomenon, and much more. Sit back, fill and glass, and enjoy.

Propaganda Wars

Yesterday, I was invited on Russia Today to discuss this report, from an Israeli source, that Russia has begun a military intervention in Syria. The trasncript is below:

I would first point out that this Ynet story is actually the number one story on Google news when you google Russia and Syria. So this is not some alternative media blog – this is a major part of the propaganda war. In some ways it comes out of an alternative universe, and it is not coming from universe we live in. Russia, as opposed to the US, has been the power that has really stressed stability, and stressed diplomacy. Russia has prevented a war in Syria in 2013, or at least you could say that it played indispensable role in preventing what would be yet another catastrophic endless conflict in that region.

Yes, I think it’s a part of a propaganda war, it is part of a certain faction in the US that wants the Shia and Sunni to be going at it endlessly, that actually wants chaos in the region, that thinks that it is good for Israel, or some other’s interest. The whole point about a propaganda war is of course not that it is true, and it is not even that you can’t debunk it later; the whole point of the propaganda war is to get it out there. So you have things like “weapons of mass destruction,” you have things like “Vladimir Putin ordered a plane to be shut down in Ukraine,” and so on, and so on. These things can be disproven; these things turn out to be bogus. But the whole point is to get them out there. They are kind of percolating throughout the media and through people’s minds in the west. And that is mainly what the story was about. [...]

Unfortunately, not all news organizations are really concerned about the truth and about getting it right, and about digging in. There are certainly a lot of news organizations that are simply interested in sensation for sensation sake. But also there is quite a bit of organizations that are really connected with governments and connected with specific factors or movements within governments. You can see this with the conservative media in the US – they have a very specific foreign policy agenda; they are going to report on the “facts” in a way that supports that agenda. And that agenda, of course, is more war that they think will benefit the US or Israel. But you have to think: the media is very often an arm of governments, an arm of movements within governments. And that is most likely what we’re seeing today with this Ynet story.

Common Problems, Common Interests

At Radix, I've published my first published essay, which appeared in the November 2005 issue of Right Now!, a now-defunct magazine that was edited by Derek Turner. Right Now! deserves to be remembered as a great English-language forum for both European nationalists and the “alt Right” (though no one used that term at the time). I was certainly overjoyed to see my byline in its pages.*