Richard Spencer is President of The National Policy Institute and Editor of Washington Summit Publishers, Radix Journal, and

Spencer was formerly an Assistant Editor at The American Conservative magazine and Executive Editor of Taki's Magazine (Takimag). In 2010, he founded, which he edited until 2012.

Spencer has been a guest speaker at the Property and Freedom Society, The Traditional Britain Group, American Renaissance, the HL Mencken Club, as well as NPI conferences.

He holds a B.A. with High Distinction from the University of Virginia and a M.A. from the University of Chicago. He was a doctoral student at Duke University before dropping out to pursue a life of thought-crime. 

The National Policy Institute

President, 2011-

Radix Journal /

Editor, 2011-

Washington Summit Publishers

Editor, 2011-

Founder and Editor, 2010-2012

The HL Mencken Club

Co-founder & Board Member

Taki’s Magazine (

Executive Editor, 2008-2010

The American Conservative

Assistant Editor, 2007

Duke University, Department of History

Teaching Assistant, 2005-

The Blue Ridge School

Instructor of English, 2004-05

Bayrische Staatsoper (Bavarian State Opera)

Assistant to Director, 2004


Duke University

Doctoral Studies in modern European intellectual history, 2005-07

University of Vienna

Vienna Circle Institute, Summer 2005, 2006

The University of Chicago

M.A. in the Humanities, 2003

The University of Virginia

B.A. with High Distinction in English Literature and Music, 1998-2001


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